Graduation, the BBC and the Radio Society

Crew Green Consulting Ltd is headed up by John Nelson. After graduation in 1974 John joined the BBC and spent the next eight years as a studio manager and presentation announcer on Radio 3 and the World Service. His last attachment was to Transmission Planning as part of a team responsible for HF frequency allocation and scheduling. In 1982 John was headhunted to join the management team at the Radio Society of Great Britain. Amongst other things he ran the headquarters radio station, wrote and edited a good deal of factual and presentational material and undertook various liaison tasks involving government agencies.

The Start of Crew Green Consulting

john nelsonIn 1986 John decided to form his own consultancy business specialising in consumer and professional electronic design. Since then he has carried out extensive consultancy and writing/editing work for a very wide variety of business and professional clients including BBC, ITN, Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Racal, Audiovox Corporation, JVC, Kenwood, Matsushita, Jaguar Cars, Ford UK, Halfords, Harley-Davidson and The Sunday Times.

John has also acted as editor, feature writer and contributor to various books and magazines. For many years he has been Technical Editor of the World Radio & TV Handbook. John has undertaken expert-witness work for corporate and legal clients and was instrumental in the so-called ‘Squidgygate’ affair. Acting on behalf of a national newspaper and later as an expert witness in a very high-profile legal action, he was able to prove via an in-depth technical investigation that the notorious recording of the late Princess of Wales talking to Mr James Gilbey could not have been secured by recording the output of a scanning receiver. John’s work was cited at the Scott Baker Inquiry into the death by the then Director of GCHQ, Sir John Adye.

When not otherwise engaged, John is a current RAF A2* QGI and civilian SEP/TMG flying instructor and a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He has contributed several articles to specialist aviation publications and edited a series of books for aspiring PPL holders. He is a keen amateur musician with a particular love for the music of J S Bach and is also passionate about architecture, especially if it is Gothic or English Baroque. John still has time occasionally for amateur radio and his GW4FRX callsign is well known on the HF and VHF bands.