Case Studies


squidgygate case

The so-called ‘Squidgygate’ affair had some interesting technical ramifications. In the early 1990s a telephone conversation between the late Diana, Princess of Wales and a man subsequently identified as Mr James Gilbey was recorded and subsequently received massive world-wide publicity. It was claimed at the time to have been recorded by the late Mr Cyril Reenan, a retired bank manager living in Abingdon, who supposedly overheard the conversation on a VHF/UHF scanning receiver.

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The Case of the Burnt Buttocks

burnt buttocks case

A long-standing American corporate client commissioned Crew Green Consulting to investigate a personal-injury claim. Briefly, the plaintiff asserted that she had purchased an item of consumer-electronic equipment which required six D-cell batteries. When she inserted them into the battery compartment, she had managed to reverse the polarity of one of the cells. It was claimed that the battery had subsequently leaked and that the electrolyte had not only ruined the plaintiff’s trousers but had scarred her buttocks.

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World Radio & TV Handbook

radioandtv case

Not all our work is sensitive, contentious or high-profile. For many years I have had the pleasure of being Technical Editor of the World Radio & TV Handbook which is the definitive guide to radio and television broadcasting. Part of the editorial task is to review radio receivers in depth, assess their performance and present the results in a way which is interesting to the specialist and intelligible to the layman.

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world radio

Aviation seems to have been in my blood all my life. As a pilot friend once put it, “the urge to fly is a virus with no known cure”. By way of light relief from radio and electronics I have written a fair amount about various aspects of aviation over the years. But by pure accident a good deal of my desk-editing work seems to have involved other aviators’ literary output.

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If you have an engineering background and spend any time at all in professional broadcasting and recording studios, you will read most hi-fi magazines and many internet blogs with a sense of mounting incredulity. Half-truths, mis-statements, deep-seated irrationality and what might charitably be described as confusion are everywhere. So-called ‘reviewers’, most of whom seem to be fellow-travellers of the advertising and PR industry, claim to be able to hear subtle differences which defy measurement.

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Product Assessment

producy assesment

Much of Crew Green Consulting’s bread and butter consists of product assessment. In broad terms this involves examining and measuring an item of consumer electronics – often at the prototype stage – and making recommendations for improvement prior to mass production. Occasionally this involves extensive re-design or rework.

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Factory Assessment

factory case

Whether one likes it or not, the vast majority of mass-market consumer electronic products are nowadays manufactured in the Far East. In the past fifteen years Crew Green Consulting has been heavily involved in factory assessment for a variety of clients and product types. These have involved everything from low-end GPS receivers to high-grade FM/DAB tuners together with industrial and professional power supplies and test equipment.

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Voiceover and Recording Work


I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a presentation and continuity announcer on BBC Radio 3 and the World Service and still carry out occasional recording and voiceover work. Recent clients have included Racal, British Aerospace, Webucate and the Science Museum.