burnt buttocks case

A long-standing American corporate client commissioned Crew Green Consulting to investigate a personal-injury claim. Briefly, the plaintiff asserted that she had purchased an item of consumer-electronic equipment which required six D-cell batteries. When she inserted them into the battery compartment, she had managed to reverse the polarity of one of the cells. It was claimed that the battery had subsequently leaked and that the electrolyte had not only ruined the plaintiff’s trousers but had scarred her buttocks.

Since she supposedly intended to pursue a career as a model and now could not do so, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit was in prospect.

It was abundantly clear from first principles that on technical grounds the claim was preposterous. However, it was necessary to carry out a full investigation and produce a thorough report which could not only be used in evidence but which would form the basis of the defence case. The report needed to be comprehensive and technically sound whilst in extremis remaining intelligible to a lay jury.

We are pleased to say that justice triumphed and our client won the case without difficulty.

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Extract from the ‘Case of the Burnt Buttocks’