producy assesment

Much of Crew Green Consulting’s bread and butter consists of product assessment. In broad terms this involves examining and measuring an item of consumer electronics – often at the prototype stage – and making recommendations for improvement prior to mass production. Occasionally this involves extensive re-design or rework.

We have a good deal of experience in mobile video, audio and RF technology in general and in the latter context we can also offer expertise in the design, measurement and assessment of specialist antennas. Avionics, power supplies, power control and EMC are other areas of interest.

For many years we were prime consultants to two very large UK retail chains and were largely responsible for major improvements in the quality and consistency of their product range. We currently carry out product assessment for a large American client and work closely with OEM suppliers and factories to achieve and maintain the required standards.

Here are some samples of our work in this area. For obvious reasons of commercial confidentiality these have been slightly redacted.

Supporting Documents

Product Evaluation Extract - MAX2180

Product Evaluation Extract - Radio Receiver