Electronic systems design

We can design electronic systems ranging from bespoke one-offs to items intended for quantity production. We specialise in RF and analogue circuitry including antennas, wideband preamplifiers, signal processing and conditioning, power supplies and EMC. We have been heavily involved with the design and assessment of OEM items for vehicle manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Audio design and comparative auditioning

We have considerable experience in professional and high-end audio design and assessment. We can assess products for commercial viability, make market recommendations and advise on how best to achieve cost-effective sales results.

Contract manufacture

We can arrange for your product to be manufactured. We are thoroughly familiar with applicable certification standards and approvals and can advise on requirements.


Analogue and RF engineering design and assessment

We can assess the design of almost any item of consumer and professional electronic equipment and advise on suitability for mass production. We can also assess one-off or small-quantity designs for specialist purposes, especially in the military and professional sphere. We know how to be discreet.

Product test and assessment

We can perform precision measurements against specification and assess compliance. We can carry out or arrange pre-compliance testing as required.

Factory and process assessment

We know the good factories and we also know the ones to avoid. We can advise on component and material sourcing, make factory and process assessments and report as required.


Technical writing and editing

We can write and edit any product-related literature. We specialise in user handbooks, service manuals, technical supplements and associated feature articles for press and PR purposes. We can also write and edit longer publications if required; our mainstream output is in electronics but aviation-related literature is also a speciality.

Investigative technical journalism

Our services have been sought in several high- and low-profile technical investigations for newspapers and broadcasters. These included ‘Squidgygate’ and ‘Camillagate’. More recently we have been involved in various interesting areas including what has come to be known as ‘phone hacking’ and the problems of the Downing Street switchboard...

Forensic and expert-witness investigation and reporting

We have been involved in several legal cases requiring forensic electronic expertise. Two required appearances as expert witnesses in the USA and another is currently on-going.